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Health tips for your pet

Health tips for your pet

Vet Tales health tips

Southern Cross Pet Insurance was a sponsor of the new TV1 show, Vet Tales, which followed the daily ups and downs of two veterinarians – Dr Stacey Tremain and Dr Mark Young. Watch the short videos below on some of their tips for looking after your pet’s health.

Pet-proof your garden

With summer coming, it means more time outdoors for us and our pets. Unfortunately this means  more chance of accidents for pets in the garden. Find out how to pet-proof your garden.

Top 10 foods your pet shouldn’t eat

Most of us know that chocolate is bad for pets, but did you know that grapes, raisins and onions could be harmful to your pet's health? Click here for a list of the top 10 worst human foods for pets and the symptoms to look out for.

Tips for a pet safe summer

Warm weather presents a host of perils for your pets. Here's how to prevent pet injuries and illness over the warmer months