It’s important to us to work with you, so Kiwi pets have happier, healthier lives.

We want to make your jobs easier, including when talking with your customers about pet insurance. Along with our new Insurance 101 videos, here are some key takeaways to help you with these conversations.


Many Kiwis struggle with vet bills

One in three Kiwis say they struggle with vet bills*. Pet insurance can reduce the hardship, and potentially help a family avoid heartbreak in the future.

What you say makes a difference

When you talk about pet insurance, Kiwis listen. In fact, more than 70% of pet owners rely on information you give on how to take care of their pets**.

Start the conversation early

It’s never too early to have an honest chat with an owner about cover – especially when puppies and kittens can get FREE cover for six weeks.

Pets will surprise you, your cover shouldn’t.

Cats and dogs will get up to mischief (just read our 2018 most bizarre claims), you can’t predict it, and that’s why insurance makes sense.

We’re here to help

No one expects you to be an expert on pet insurance, that’s our job. If a pet owner has a curly question or wants to know more about a policy, simply direct them to visit our website or call the team on 0800 800 836.

*Southern Cross research conducted by TNS, November 2016 **Camorra Research, Insights into the Pet Insurance Market, 2013

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