Paws up for summer adventures

Summer is a fantastic time to get out and explore new places with your whole family. Like any adventure with your kids, a little planning can go a long way to ensuring time out with your canine chum is both safe and enjoyable.

Know where you are going

We all love a summer roadie with the family and pulling up to a random beach for a swim. But to have a safe and fun adventure with your dog, knowing where you’re going to be will help you check out which places your fur family member will be able to have as much fun as you.

Do some research

If you’re taking your dog on holiday, or even a day roadie, it pays to make sure where you’re heading is pet friendly. Thankfully there are some amazing dog owners who have pulled together this information for anyone to use. Dog Friendly New Zealand is a great site which lists dog friendly eateries, holiday accommodation and local pet events. Paw Planet (available through the Apple app store or Google Play store) has info on off-leash walks, dog friendly cafes and even an online vet. To make sure your trip is without the “sorry no dogs allowed” sign, check out Dog Friendly New Zealand and Paw Planet.

Be summer safe for your dog

With the heat, and blazing sun, it’s important to remember to pack your beach bag with pet sunscreen, lots of water and, if you’re going out on the water, their life vest too! Make sure you also check our tips on how to keep your pooch safe on your summer adventure before you head out.

Have fun!

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