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Show the Pet Life some love. Sign your pet up to a PetCare or AcciPet pet insurance policy by 30 June 2024 and you’ll go into the draw to win a year’s supply of ROYAL CANIN® super premium pet food.*

Why should you get pet insurance with us? As a trusted New Zealand pet insurer, we’re dedicated to helping more pets live their happiest, healthiest lives for longer. Our two simple and affordable pet insurance plans make it easy to tailor your pet’s plan to fit their needs and your budget.

Even better, right now we’ve got a drool-worthy offer: if you sign up for a PetCare or AcciPet pet insurance policy before 30 June 2024, with a policy start date before 9 July, you’ll go in the draw to win a year’s supply of ROYAL CANIN pet food (excluding veterinary/therapeutic prescription diets). There are 5 prizes to be won.

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Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health nutrition. In an industry that continues to adapt to popular trends, Royal Canin's mission remains the same: Observing pets, learning from them, respecting them and recognising their differences is quite literally their life's work. The goal of that work is to provide every dog and cat with the nutrition that is precisely right for their individual needs - needs that vary with the pet's breed, environment, age, weight, gender, digestion, their genetic makeup and lifestyle.

Good fur babies deserve good food. So, what are you waiting for? Pounce on this opportunity and take a look at our pet insurance plans.

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*Applications for FreeCover and renewals of existing policies are excluded. Read the full terms and conditions for this offer  here.

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