Cats and dogs need healthcare too.

Pets are part of the family, but unlike the rest of us, they don’t get free hospital care or ACC.

That’s why more and more Kiwis are choosing to get pet insurance. Vet bills can easily cost thousands of dollars, which many of us simply can’t afford. That’s when pet insurance comes to the rescue.

Pet insurance can save you from financial stress or needing to make a tough call, and ensure your pet gets the treatment they need.

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3 in 4 Kiwis say their cats or dogs are part of the family
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Kiwis spent $369 million on veterinary services for cats and dogs in 2015
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75% of dog owners and 63% of cat owners visited a vet in 2016
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1 in 3 pet owners say they struggle to pay vet bills
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55% of pet owners can’t afford to spend more than $1000 on a vet bill
Source: Companion Animals in New Zealand 2016 Report

Why pet insurance matters

Did you know that you’re more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or home policy?

Unfortunately, pets are just as susceptible to illness and injury as we are – in fact, 80% of the claims Southern Cross Pet Insurance pays out are for illness, rather than accident. Our pet insurance can help you to ensure your cat or dog gets the best care possible at the time when it’s needed the most.

Why New Zealanders love Southern Cross Pet Insurance

  • We pay claims fast
    Southern Cross Pet Insurance looks after the health of more than 65,000 New Zealand pets and in 2023, we paid out over $29.9 million in claims. On average these claims were paid within 5 working days of being received.
  • We’re there for our fur community
    We’ve partnered with the New Zealand Veterinary Association and Pet Refuge – a safe haven for the pets of family violence survivors. Together we’re all working hard to help more pets live happier, healthier lives.
  • We’re here for the whole family
    Southern Cross has been looking after New Zealand families for more than 50 years with health insurance, and we get how important pets are to life around the home.

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