Privacy statement

How may Southern Cross Pet Insurance use information about you and your pet?

You authorise us to use information about you and your pet to:

  • consider your pet’s eligibility for cover under the policy and any specific terms applying to the policy (including any pre-existing conditions),
  • administer the policy,
  • process, investigate and review any cover enquiries or claims made on your policy,
  • confirm membership of Southern Cross Health Society in order to apply any relevant discount,
  • help administer products and services you have with other Southern Cross-branded businesses,
  • understand and personalise your experience with us and with other Southern Cross-branded businesses,
  • tell you about products, services and offers from us or our partners. We may do this by contacting you directly, or via another Southern Cross-branded business. We also use advertising technology to provide relevant ads on our own and other organisations’ websites, including Facebook and Google.
  • prevent, detect, or investigate fraud or suspected fraud,
  • develop and improve products, partnerships, systems, and customer outcomes, and to meet audit and compliance requirements. We use anonymised or de-identified data to do this wherever possible and always when we present the results,
  • to conduct analysis and research in relation to the above purposes.

How do we collect and share your information?

We will only collect or share your information for the purposes explained in this statement. You authorise us to collect information from and give it to the following parties:

  • Your vet. We may exchange information with your vet to understand any pre-existing conditions your pet has, and to process any claims you make. When you select the option for us to pay a claim directly to your vet, we will tell your vet about the status of the claim and any payments made.
  • Other pet healthcare providers. We may contact other pet healthcare providers for information to process any claims you make.
  • Other ‘Southern Cross’ branded businesses. This may include your contact details, date of birth, the products, services or partner offers you have taken up, marketing messages you’ve been sent, your communication preferences, analytics, and any additional support you may need to access services. We also share information between Southern Cross branded businesses about policies that have been cancelled due to fraud. We won’t exchange any other identifiable details without your consent.
  • Trusted partners who may tell us you have taken up an offer or discount available to our customers so we can check eligibility, administer it, and help us understand uptake. We may tell you more when you take up a particular partner offer or discount,
  • Via cookies and similar technologies when you use our apps and websites, or open emails we send you. See our Cookies Policy for more information, including how to control cookies in your own browser,
  • From you when you communicate with us including recordings of all incoming and outgoing phone calls with you,
  • Any other third party authorised by you,
  • Any other party in accordance with the law.

Managing your information: access, correction, preferences and security

You can ask to access and correct any personal information we hold about you. Please get in touch on 0800 800 836 to make a request. We do our best to ensure the information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up to date. Please help us do this by letting us know as soon as you can of any changes to your circumstances or contact details so we can keep in touch with the information you need to manage and understand your policy.

From time to time, Southern Cross Pet Insurance may send you marketing and other information by email or text. If you have provided your email address or mobile phone number we take this as your implied consent for this. You can opt out of receiving these messages by unsubscribing in the text or email or by calling us on 0800 800 836.

We constantly review, update safeguards and raise awareness about keeping the information we hold secure. We carefully screen other businesses that carry out services on our behalf (e.g., mailing houses, research and insight agencies, and information technology providers) to ensure they meet our data protection standards.

If you do not provide us with your information, what then?

If the information provided to us is not accurate or complete we may not be able to process the application or claim, or it may result in us not being able to provide your pet with cover until such information is provided. The consequences of providing incomplete, false or misleading information are set out in your policy document.

Need more information?

If you have any queries about the privacy of information held by us and/or our Privacy Statement, please contact us at [email protected]. Your information is collected and held by Southern Cross Pet Insurance Limited Level 1, Te Kupenga, 155 Fanshawe Street, Auckland City 1010.

Version updated 2 April 2024

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