Puppies and kittens between 6 and 26 weeks can enjoy 6 weeks FREE cover Find out more
Compare your options
Compare your options PetCare AcciPet
Eligibility when policy starts 8 weeks to 6 years old Any age
Cover - Choose your basic cover
Accidental injury
Accidental injury means a sudden, unforeseen and not gradual physical harm or injury, that arises directly from a single event occurring at an identifiable time and place and that is independent of any other causes, including any pre-existing condition.
Inherited conditions
Genetic conditions passed down bloodlines. Hip Dysplasia is a common example.
Vaccinations / Check-ups*
Limits - Decide the amount of cover
Extras - Add extra protection for your pet
Day-to-day care extra
Claim up to $75 per treatment (up to a total of $300 each year) for qualifying treatments, such as vaccinations and health checks.
Dental care extra
Claim up to $300 each year for qualifying dental care, including gingivitis, abscesses or tooth removal.
Savings - Ways to save on your premium
20% Co-payment amount
Pay 20% of the cost of your pet’s eligible vet care, and reduce your premium.
5% Additional pet discount
5% discount for insuring each additional pet
2.5% for Southern Cross Health Society Members
Save 2.5% if you have health insurance with Southern Cross.
2.5% for Direct Debit
Save 2.5% if you pay by Direct Debit.
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*(Up to $25 per vaccination/check-up per year).
This chart has been designed to give you a quick overview of our pet insurance plans. For full policy terms (including definitions, limitations and exclusions) please see the policy documents above.

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