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The Pet Life

It’s the life you share with your pet, and their life they share with you. We believe that’s a life worth protecting.

Which is why we are dedicated to helping pets live longer healthier and happier every day.

We’re proudly born and bred in New Zealand, and are equally proud to partner with the NZ Veterinary Association and Pet Refuge – just two ways we’re there to support the Pet Life community.

With us, you’ll get amazing tips, tricks and advice to keep your Pet Life protected.

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Now you see us.

The VIS collection is where pet haute couture meets road safety. Southern Cross has teamed up with fashion designer Matthew Adams Dolan to create a one-off series of pet clothing that throws the spotlight on pet road safety.

How much does a trip to the vet cost?

Pets don’t have purses or pockets, so a surprise trip to the vet will be coming out of yours. Here’s what it could cost, based on claims we’ve paid:

Zoom developed a skin problem
Consultations, medication, testing and immunotherapy. So far paid:
Archie ate a
piece of string
Surgery, consultations, medication and diagnostic imaging. So far paid:
Max was hit by
a ute
Consultations, MRI, X-ray and medication. So far paid:
Jimmy developed bladder cancer
Surgery, consultations, medication, tests and imaging. So far paid:

We're there for our fur community

Looking after the health of our pets takes many hands and hearts. That’s why we’ve partnered closely with the New Zealand Veterinary Association and Pet Refuge. Together we’re all working hard to help more Kiwi pets live happier, healthier lives.

It’s good to know when you choose Southern Cross Pet Insurance, you’re supporting their amazing work and the wellbeing of all animals in New Zealand.

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