Ever tried doing yoga in your lounge? More times than not your furry friend parks themselves smack bang in the middle of your mat. Perhaps they’re trying to tell you something? What about Doga!

Doga Mini
Doga Max

Tired of walkies? Here’s a thoroughly modern way for you and best pal to hang out together. Dog yoga or ‘Doga’ as it’s known. Dog yoga can support the mental health of pets and their owners and can also improve flexibility, strength, muscle tone, alignment, balance, mobility, and better breathing. Shorthand? You get to stretch your two legs, and their four legs, both at the same time and who doesn’t love simply rolling about on a mat with your most adorable family member? “Doing Doga allows you to have a deeper connection with your dog, says Kathleen Schubert from OmDoga, “It’s an opportunity for play, bonding, and mindfulness. It quiets the mind and you are entirely focused on each other. Well until a cat walks across the window next door...then it’s back to the chase! Seriously though, studies show that heart rate and hormonal levels in both dogs and their owners corresponded beneficially when interacting together. So get out your mats and slip into that activewear, have a go at Doga at home, or head along to a doga class near you.

Who’s in the Doga know?

Kathleen Schubert from OmDoga, currently based in Queenstown, travels New Zealand with her dogs, aka ‘dogis’, teaching Doga to pet owners and their furry friends for special events and classes, both in-person and online OmDoga, now finalising their not-for-profit status, was co-founded by Kathleen and her husband Rod. The organisation supports a range of animal welfare causes in which Pet Refuge and Humane Society International have been recent collaborators. If you’d like to catch a class just jump on www.omdoga.com or follow Omdogaglobal on Facebook and look for an event happening near you.

Thank you to Kathleen from OmDoga for helping us with learning more about Doga. For more about OmDoga, or Doga in your area, make sure you follow Omdogaglobal on Facebook or Instagram. Want to partner with OmDoga for your next event? Get in touch: [email protected] or give us a ring: 09 887-5257.

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