Why are puppies irresistible cuddle-magnets at around 6-8 weeks old? Researchers say that’s it all by doggy design.

Recent research has found puppies hit peak cuteness at around six to eight weeks.

In a study of 51 participants who were shown black and white headshot photographs of dog pups from three breeds from newborn to seven months old, the participants found Cane Corso puppies the most attractive at 6.3 weeks; Jack Russell terriers at 7.7 weeks and White Shepherds at 8.3 weeks.

And it’s all for a very good evolutionary reason, say the researchers.

Eight weeks also happens to be when dog mums wean their pups, so forming a bond with a human dramatically increases a pup’s chances of survival.

"The eight-week point is just the point where the hook is biggest, the ability of the animal to grab our interest is strongest. But, having grabbed our interest, we continue to love them all their lives," says Professor Wynne who lead the study.


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