We all love our cats and their little quirks but here’s a few feline facts that may not have crossed your path before.

If you ever wind up as a contestant on The Chase, here’s a few obscure insights about cats that might help with you beat the Chaser.


Cats spend 70% of their life sleeping

Oh to be a cat! If you think your feline family member is over-sleeping you could be mistaken. On average cats will sleep 13-16 hours per day.


A group of kittens is a kindle

Like a gaggle of geese there is actually a word to describe a group of kittens. It is in fact a kindle of kittens, the only rule is they must have come from the same mother cat. Perhaps the inventor of the e-reader kindle was a cat lover themselves?


Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees

Cats always seem to be suddenly brushing up against your leg soon as you open the fridge door. It turns out cats' ears are quite a feat of engineering. There are 32 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ear flaps right around to pinpoint even the smallest squeak of a mouse or rustle of a pet box.


Cat lovers have a name

As a cat lover you actually have a fancy name, AILUROPHILE. The word comes from the Greek words ailouros meaning cat and phile meaning lover. Your task now is to slip this into everyday conversations.


Cats don’t actually always land on their feet

This is something we know all too well. Against popular belief cats don’t always land on their feet when falling. They will eventually always end up the right way up and on four paws with the help of their exceptional reflexes and the semi-circular canals in their ears (yes these fabulous ears again) which gives a cat it’s righting reflex.


Most cats don’t actually like getting wet

Turns out cats don’t actually like getting wet because it’s frightening for them to lose control of their buoyancy. There are some cats out there who love the wet stuff but the majority aren't fantastic floaters.

So that’s it! How many of these facts did you know? Enough to beat The Chaser?


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