All about the pet insurance plan updates

We've made a number of updates to our PetCare and AcciPet plans which are important for you to be aware of. These updates are aimed at helping you get more value from your cover, and are effective from your next policy renewal after 1 March 2018.

We've provided an overview of updates to the PetCare and AcciPet plans which are available at the links below. It is important that you read the applicable overview in conjunction with your policy document and certificate of insurance.

To help you understand these updates, here are some helpful links:

Frequently asked questions

Why have you updated these plans

We listen to our customers and these updates are one way for us to continually improve how we respond to our customers' needs.

How did you decide what updates to make

Feedback from policyholders is an important part of our plan reviews. We also consult with vets, and consider the changing availability of healthcare for pets as well as the changing needs of cover. These considerations help us to decide on the policy updates that will give the most value, balancing improvements in benefits with premium affordability.

How can I provide feedback for future updates

We are happy to receive any feedback or suggestions for future updates from our policyholders - please contact us.

Will I receive any communications about these updates

Your next renewal pack will confirm that these updates are happening, but an overview of the updates for your plan can be found in the helpful links above.

Will the policy updates increase my premium

Your premium is reviewed each year to allow for claiming trends and pet age. The updates that are being made are aimed at balancing improvements in benefits with affordability, so the updates will have a limited impact on your premium.

Policy holders who have opted for Day-to-day extra cover will see an increase though, as the annual limit for this module has increased from $150 to $300 – this has resulted in annual increases of about $32 for cats and $50 for dogs.

There is a 2.5% discount for paying by direct debit, so if this is not currently your payment method, contact us and we can help you get this changed over.

My pet had treatment prior to my renewal - will these updates impact my claim

For any treatment that took place prior to your renewal, the old policy terms and conditions apply, so you will receive the same cover you would have otherwise received. For any treatment that takes place on or after your renewal, the new policy terms and conditions apply.

I have a plan other than PetCare or AcciPet - have any updates been made to my plan

No, we have only made changes to the PetCare and AcciPet plans. All the old plans remain unchanged.

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