Pets take on your personality

Sociable owners tend to have sociable dogs – and neurotic cats sometimes mirror their anxious owners. Is your pet’s personality a reflection of yours?

Have you noticed that you and your pet have a lot in common? You know your dog loves watching Game of Thrones and being photographed wearing your sunglasses, just like you, although the cat prefers reading (okay, lying on) magazines. It’s fun to give our pets human characteristics – but it might be truer than we realise. Our pets may share our personality traits. If you like to be sociable and throw parties, your dog might be a sociable sort, too. And if you’re a bit of a worrier, you might find your cat is a bit anxious as well.

A few years ago, scientists measured dogs’ personalities and found that they reflect their owners’ personalities. The experts think that dogs and their humans influence each other’s ability to cope with stress, so when you’ve got a lot going on, your chill dog could be calming you down. The flipside might also be true: if you’re panicking, your sensitive dog is probably feeling concerned.

It’s not just dogs!

Now, there’s evidence that cats also mirror their owners’ personalities. Cats with neurotic owners tend to have more behavioural problems, while outgoing owners were more likely to let their cats roam freely outside.

It’s lovely to think that our pets might be helping to reduce our stress levels – hopefully we’re also able to make their lives more relaxing and enjoyable. We know you’re the expert at taking care of your pet, and pet insurance is there to provide that extra peace of mind to keep everyone’s stress levels at a minimum!

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