New Zealanders are among the world leaders in pet ownership

Did you know 64% of Kiwi households own at least one pet, just a smidge behind the USA (65%)? We collectively own 4.6 million pets – that’s more pets than people1!

  • Cats are the most popular pets – 44% of New Zealand homes have one, for a total of 1.1 million pet cats1.
  • Just over a quarter of us (28%) own dogs; 700,000 dogs all up1.
  • The number of registered dogs in New Zealand is growing even faster than our human population in all our major cities apart from Auckland; Dunedin and Hamilton have the highest rates of dog ownership2.
  • On pure numbers, though, the fish are winning: although just 10% of households own them, each house owns an average of nine fish, bringing the total to 1.5 million1.

Why do we love our pets so much? Maybe it’s because we have a relaxed pace of life and a good work-life balance, giving us time to enjoy our furry friends. Perhaps it’s having plenty of room to keep animals in most parts of the country. Maybe it’s because they fit into our active outdoor lifestyles. Whatever the reason, our love of pets seems to be getting stronger.

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1New Zealand Companion Animal Council 2016 report., NZ's pooch population rising faster than people, January 2019.


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