Can old dogs really not learn new tricks? Is your cat really selfish?

Pets can surprise us in lots of ways: unexpected cuddles, startling bursts of intelligence, or the wonderful gift of something soggy underfoot. They can also behave in ways that don’t reflect the stereotypes we have about them.

It’s said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, for example, but that’s not necessarily true. Research of Border Collies found they got a bit worse at learning as they aged, but older dogs outperformed the younger ones on reasoning. So, it’s never too late to get started!

It’s not only dogs that get stereotyped. Cats are seen as selfish and self-interested – not affectionate or loving. But if your cat waits inside the front door for you and meows ‘conversations’, you know that’s not true. When given the choice between food, toys, scents and human interaction; socialising with people was the top choice.

Because our pets are such an important part of the family, it’s easy to think of them in human terms. That’s where the myth of ‘dog years’ and ‘cat years’ comes from. Just multiply your pet’s age by seven and you can compare it to a human of that age, right? Not quite. Pets don’t age at the same rate as humans - a one-year-old cat or dog is close to fully grown, whereas a seven-year-old child is a long way from adult-sized.

Another common myth? Pets don’t need insuring. We know your pet is a valued part of your family and you don’t want to compromise on its treatment.

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