Fur real! Did that really happen?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are missing a pair of socks? Is it that they disappeared into the land of missing socks at the back of the washing machine – or that your dog ate them? How about when you are missing your fishing line? Would you think that the cat ran away with it?

Here at Southern Cross Pet Insurance, we see on a regular basis how everyday items can spell real danger for our furry friends – and how costly it can be for their owners. Looking back at 2019, we found a few tales from our canine and moggy friends who put their Southern Cross Pet Insurance plans, and their parent’s stress levels, to the test.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance’s 10 most unusual claims of 2019 were:

A Persian cat fell into a swimming pool while being chased by another cat. The waterlogged feline was taken to the vet and diagnosed with hypothermia.
Vet Bill: $1,065
A Labrador swallowed a pin cushion, complete with pins, while the owner was sewing. The pin cushion and pins had to be surgically removed.
Vet Bill:$3,488
A Hungarian Vizsla dog had bad breath and was ‘zonked out’ in the evenings. Eating sheep pellets sprinkled on the garden as fertiliser were the suspected cause.
Vet Bill: $352
An Ocicat came off second best from a fight with a feisty blackbird and was treated for a scratch to one eye.
Vet Bill: $103
A Boxer ended up with a bellyache after it raided the family’s stash of Easter treats and ate five chocolate kiwis.
Vet Bill: $270
An overly enthusiastic Bernese mountain dog ran straight through a closed sliding door and sustained a serious wound to one of its legs.
Vet Bill: $1,101
A Labrador’s trip to the beach turned sour for its owners when the dog discovered a pair of shoes and socks on the sand and promptly swallowed the socks. The serial sock stealer was taken to the vet to have them removed.
Vet Bill: $2,789
A Tonkinese cat played with fire by jumping up on the wood burner at home and burning its paws.
Vet Bill: $177
A Labrador Cross was so eager to escape from the boarding kennels, it ate through a fence, but was foiled at the next hurdle when it got stuck in a second fence. A vet treated the dog for a spinal fracture along with multiple wounds and abrasions.
Vet Bill: $6,999
A cat arrived home with a fishing line tangled in its tail. The moggy sustained a tail wound which required treatment by a vet.
Vet Bill: $271

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