Auction of designer pet outfit to raise funds for pets in need

An opportunity for pet owners to win a bespoke designer outfit for their cat or dog is raising money for Pet Refuge.

Created by designer to the stars, Matthew Adams Dolan, it’ll be the only bespoke item from VIS – the Road Safety Collection. The high-fashion hi-VIS line for pets was created in collaboration with Southern Cross Pet Insurance.

A Trade Me auction for the hi-VIS designer outfit went live on 27 May. All of the money raised will go to Pet Refuge, a New Zealand charity that provides temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence.

Julie Chapman of Pet Refuge said: “We’re super stoked to be working with Southern Cross, which has supported us for a while now. Proceeds from the Trade Me auction for a VIS designer piece, will go towards caring for animals at our shelter while their owners escape abuse.

“Animals provide solace for people living in abusive relationships but are also often a barrier to leaving because victims can’t take pets to refuges. Pet Refuge was set up to remove that barrier. We would love for pet lovers who are keen on making a fashion statement to bid generously to win a gorgeous designer piece for their pet.”

The high fashion, hi-vis collection for pets

VIS is all part of our ‘live your pet life’ mission; using data and innovation to help pets live their best lives for longer. The road safety collection puts the spotlight on pet safety around the roads and looks at practical (and fun) ways of keeping our pets safe.

While the VIS project has been well received over the last few weeks, we reckon this part of the project will be even more popular!

Anthony McPhail, CEO of Southern Cross Pet Insurance, said: “The hi-VIS fashion collection has helped highlight how owners can look after their pets’ wellbeing. Thousands of people entered the draw to win one of five fabulous hi-VIS designer outfits and hundreds of reflective bandanas".

“But now one lucky bidder will get to own a bespoke designer piece – and we can’t wait to see what designer to the stars Matthew Adams Dolan comes up with.”

Road safety tips for dog walkers this winter

Pet accidents related to cars and roads are sadly common. In winter, dogs and their humans are more at risk as inclement weather, shorter days and darker nights make visibility (for road users and dog walkers) less clear.

Besides wearing bright and reflective clothing, Anthony says there are plenty of other things dog walkers (or any other walker) do to stay safe:

  • If you’re walking after dark, make sure you ALWAYS have your dog on a lead
  • Don’t wear earmuffs or headphones – you need to be aware and alert, especially after dark
  • Try and stay on footpaths
  • Look both ways before you cross the road, especially with the increasing numbers of electric vehicles, which are often quieter than a petrol vehicle
  • Carry a torch or use the torch function on your smartphone if you are walking in an unlit area

“Finally, avoid wearing the famous black Kiwi wardrobe and instead pop on something bright, reflective or hi-VIS on you and your pooch – like the hi-VIS gear we designed in conjunction with Matthew Adams Dolan.”

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