Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our dogs and cats have an adventure too far. From a puppy bolting out of the gate to chase a bird, to a sleepy cat choosing a sunny spot for a nap – that happens to be in the middle of a road – car-related accidents unfortunately can and do happen. We know, we’ve seen it all.

So what does vet treatment for car-related accidents cost? Here are the most expensive car-related claims from last year:

  • A Ragdoll cat had surgery to remove an eye and treat a fractured hind leg. Claim amount paid: $14,588.56.
  • A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross needed surgery for a fractured front leg and fractured teeth. Claim amount paid: $10,000.
  • A Border Collie Cross was treated for a dislocated hip and knee, and an injured tail and bladder. Claim paid $7,475. Find out more about Chewie’s story.
  • A Bengal cat suffered pelvic and tail fractures and needed surgery. Claim paid: $5,000.
  • A Golden Retriever Cross needed emergency treatment for multiple wounds and injuries, including a fractured left paw. Claim paid: $5,000.

If the unexpected happens, the last thing you want to have on your mind is the cost of vet bills. With a Southern Cross PetCare Plan, you can choose cover for up to $15,000 for accidental injury and illness.1

"Fifty bucks a month in insurance is nothing compared to ten grand [in vet bills.]"
– read Daryl the Dachshund’s story *

We know how important pet insurance is to families and their fur babies. If you’ve got any questions, or you’d like to review your cover, don’t forget you can contact us any time via our contact page.

*note: story contains a very cute pup and a happy ending.

1Terms and Conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, see the PetCare policy document


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