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Why have pet insurance?

When your dog or cat is sick or injured, it’s a stressful time. There’s no public health system for pets, so you’re sometimes confronted with difficult decisions about how much care and treatment you can afford.

With Southern Cross Pet Insurance, the stress becomes a whole lot less. You can focus on what’s best for your pet, instead of worrying about the vet bills. 

Top reasons to choose Southern Cross Pet Insurance

  • Cover the whole family. Southern Cross has more than 50 years’ experience in looking after New Zealanders. Now you can trust the Southern Cross brand to look after the needs of your much-loved pet cats and dogs.
  • You get to choose the vet. Our pet cover applies to care and treatment with any registered vet in New Zealand.
  • Discounts for multiple pets. Our pet insurance is designed to cover cats and dogs. If you insure more than one pet with us, you'll get a discount. 
  • Simple plans.  Our PetCare plans cover both illness and accident. AcciPet plan covers accidental injury only.
  • Illness protection covers qualifying inherited conditions. Genetic problems passed down through your pet’s bloodline can be covered by our PetCare plans.
  • Cover for older pets. Provided you start a policy before your pet is seven years old and keep premiums up to date, we'll insure your older pets too.
  • There are ways to keep your premiums down. You can choose a co-payment option to reduce the cost of pet health cover, or get a discount by paying with direct debit.
  • You can add extra cover for day-to-day care. You can choose to add cover to your PetCare policy for routine treatments, such as vaccinations and health checks. That's on top of the $25 benefit already included for vaccinations and health under the PetCare plan. 
  • You can add extra cover for dental care. You can choose to add cover to your PetCare policy for dental care and treatments.
  • We're proud supporters of SPCA New Zealand - looking after the care and protection of animals.

Frequently asked questions

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